DIY 5×5 Deer Stand

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DIY 5×5 Deer Stand














Thanks for the feedback and the site. I added some plexiglass fold down windows in the shooting windows to seal it up a bit more for the cold days. Overall everything went pretty well.

Sheeting it once the walls were up worked well. I just screwed a 2×2 to the outside floor joist to rest the sheeting on, through a couple of screws in and then traced out the windows, slope of the roof (rafters were up), and then took the sheets down and cut everything out.

Made life easy and everything to go together well. I used 2×2’s for the build, and if I had to do it over again I think I would use ½” plywood on the floor instead of 3/4”. Next project might be to look at your playhouse designs a little more closely. I would like to build a playhouse for the kids that could easily convert into a storage shed when the novelty has worn off for them. 😃 Thanks again,

By Greg



Difficulty Level: easy

Estimated Cost: –

Time required: –

From Plans:×5-deer-blind-plans/


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