DIY 2×4 Wood Bench

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2×4 treated lumber per the plans were used and it’s hard to calculate the total time as I worked on it over the course of several weeks when there were free moments. I’d say 6-8 hrs for construction and another few hours for sanding/staining/etc.

The plans were pretty easy to follow, and I like the end result. I used a circular saw to cut the curved top, which I found to make a cleaner cut. I had to rig up a way to mark the curve. I had a door kerf in the garage and stapled it to the 2×6 and it made a great arch with a straight edge for tracing the line. There are probably more elegant techniques but this worked for me.  Also, I used a deck stain on the wood (Thompson’s) and don’t recommend it. Even with sanding the color is a bit blotchy. It’ll wear and will probably let the wood return to its natural state. Still, a fun and relatively easy project. Thanks for the plan.

By Scott



Difficulty Level: Easy

Estimated Cost: 

Time required: 1 day

From Plans:×4-bench-plans/


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