How to install vinyl windows new construction

This article is about how to install vinyl windows in a new construction. Installing a vinyl window is not a complex project, but we can assure you it will change dramatically the look of your house and will decrease your heating costs. As you probably know, the vinyl windows are designed to insulate your house properly, so that during winter it keeps the warmth inside your house, while in the hot summer days it prevents the heat from getting in. Installing a vinyl window in a new construction is a smart choice, but you have to pay attention to our tips and tricks as to get the job done in a professional manner.

The main advantages of installing vinyl windows are that they have a long life span and great insulating properties. On the market there are a lot of option when coming to vinyl windows, starting with design consideration up to technical features. Therefore, before choosing the brand and model, you have to compare their characteristics, guarantee, accessories included and the price. When you have found the vinyl windows which fit both your needs and budget, you have to make sure they will transport the products to your house and that they give you everything you need for the installation (foam, caulk, screws, plastic covers for the hinges).

Another great thing about vinyl windows is that you can install them in virtually any window frame, as the producers will adjust their dimensions to your needs. Consequently, they are highly flexible and you can design your house without having the old constraints regarding the shapes and dimensions of the windows.

If you want to install the vinyl windows by yourself, it means that you are going to save a significant amount of money, so it would be wise to invest in highly efficient vinyl windows. In this manner, you will save money as your heating cost will decrease due to a better insulation.


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In order to learn how to install vinyl windows in a new construction, you need the following:


  • PVC windows
  • Door sealant
  • Long screws (6-8” / 15-20 cm)
  • Polyurethane foam
  • Paper tape





  • Use a vacuum to remove the residues after drilling the holes in the wall
  • Don’t tight the screws too much, as you risk damaging the windows or bend the frame



  • Two hours



How to install vinyl windows in a new construction

Window frame measurements

Window frame measurements


First of all, you have to measure the windows openings, as to know the dimensions of your new window. In addition, this step is even more important when speaking about a new construction. Consequently, use a tape measure and take several measurements (for both width and height) in more places in each direction.

For example, for the height you might get two different results: in the left 3′ 5” and in the right 3′ 5 1/2”. You have two options: either modify the window frame as to get the same dimensions (remove concrete or shave the wood frame), or order the window using the smaller dimension, and fill the gap with sealer or foam.


New construction window frame

New construction window frame


In our case, we have to install vinyl windows in a new construction made of bricks. In addition, the vinyl window was connected to the door, so consequently we also measured the door opening.

In the case of new constructions, where the wall aren’t finished yet, when ordering the windows and doors, we have to subtract 1/2” on all directions, as we will have to apply later a thick layer of mortar plaster. In most of the cases, we recommend you to install the windows after you have applied the plaster, as you will be able to fit them perfectly.


Connecting vinyl window to vinyl door

Connecting vinyl window to vinyl door


Next, we have joined the vinyl door frame to the window frame, by using 2-3” screws.

When making the connection, make sure the door and the window frames are aligned perfectly and then drive in the screws, while holding them locked into place. Work with patience as any mistake will cost you a great deal of money. In addition, read carefully the manufacturer’s instructions before installing the vinyl windows.


Fitting vinyl windows

Fitting vinyl windows


Next, after you have connected the two frames together, you have to fit them inside the opening. The vinyl frame might be quite heavy, especially if it is large, so it would be a great idea to call a friend to help you. Next, you have to make use the vinyl frame is perfectly aligned with the walls, otherwise your room won’t have a nice appearance.

If the wall are thick, you could install the vinyl window either in the middle, either pushed towards outside if you want to install a sill in your room. Irrespective of your decision, you also have to use a spirit level to make sure the frame is plumb. Use cider shims under the vinyl frame to raise and level it.


Making sure the vinyl window is plumb

Making sure the vinyl window is plumb


Next, you have to drill several holes on every side of the vinyl window frame by using a drill machinery and sharp drill bits. Taking into account that we have to insert auto tapping screws, you don’t have to drill the holes too deep.

Smart Tip: While you drill the holes, make sure you use the spirit level as to check if the frame remains plumb. This aspect is essential if you want to install the vinyl windows in a professional manner, so don’t hesitate to use a spirit level.


Fastening vinyl windows with screws

Fastening vinyl with screws


Next, you have to insert the screws in the pre-drilled holes, by using an electric screwdriver. It is important to secure the vinyl frame properly, that is why we recommend you to use 2 screws on each side for small windows (3′ x 3′) and 3 screws for larger windows (5′ x 3′). This aspect is very important as you want to install the vinyl window in a new construction as to be durable for many years in a row.

Please work with patience and insert the screws carefully, as not to damage the vinyl frame. In addition, use the spirit level every time you insert a screws, as it might twist or bend the frame from the ideal position.

Smart Tip: If the heads of the auto-tapping screws are too large, you have to countersink them, otherwise the door or windows might not open and close as they are supposed to.


Insulating vinyl window with polyurethanic foam

Insulating vinyl window with polyurethane foam


After you have secured the vinyl windows in the new construction, you have to seal the gaps by using either polyurethane foam (for gaps larger than 1/2”) or a good sealant. Consequently, start with one corner and apply the polyurethane foam from bottom to top. You don’t have to use too much foam in one place, as it will expand.

If the gaps are smaller than 1/2”, then you could use a good waterproof sealant, as to fill them. Work with patience, as you are on the way of finishing installing your vinyl windows.


Installing vinyl windows new construction

Installing vinyl windows new construction


Afterwards, you have to install the window openings and the actual door inside the frames. Consequently, you have to connect them to the hinges and then drive in a couple of screws. Due to the fact that the locking systems vary according to the manufacturer, we recommend you to read carefully the instructions we will get in the package.

We can assure you that it is not a difficult task, just insert all the screws and them attach the plastic covers over the hinges.


How to install vinyl window new construction

How to install vinyl window new construction


In certain cases you won’t receive the vinyl windows with the glasses attached, but separately. Nevertheless, you don’t have to worry about this aspect, as the installation of the glasses is straightforward.

Smart Tip: In order to avoid scratching the glasses lay them on a block of wood or on several layers of cardboard. In addition, don’t lean the glasses directly on the wall, but put a sheet of cardboard between the wall and the glasses.


Installing glasses in vinyl windows

Installing glasses in vinyl windows


Next, after you have installed the vinyl frame and the window openings, you have to attach the glasses. Consequently, move them gently, as you could scratch them easily and install them inside the frame. Make sure the glasses are set properly, being level and well aligned.

In order to lock them into position, you have to attach a plastic trim around the glasses. In order to set it into position, just push it with your hands until it locks into position.


Installing glass to PVC window

Installing glass to PVC window


In order to install the interior trim which secures the glass, you should press it with your fingers, to the vinyl frame. This procedure is quite simple, you just have to make sure they attach to the channels properly, otherwise they won’t lock the glass into position.

After the polyurethane foam has dried out, you have to use a cutter to remove the excess. If you used a waterproof sealant, then you have to make sure it doesn’t go over the PVC frame, as it can obstruct the drain channels inside the window.

Last but not least, you should caulk the space between the window and the sill (both inside and outside your home), by using silicone. Wipe out the excess by using a wet towel.

Smart Tip: For a nice appearance, you should remove the protective tape from the frame and clean it with a special solution and a soft material.


Installing vinyl windows new construction

Installing vinyl windows new construction


Last but not least, you should tune the vinyl window as to make sure it opens and closes properly. Consequently,  you have to use allen key bolts on the hinges to adjust the windows for lateral movement. In order to adjust the compression you should use the allen key bolts on the window keep.

We hope that our tutorial has been helpful and we recommend you to read the rest of our projects regarding installing doors and windows.



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