DIY Outdoor Sofa

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The outdoor sofa plans were great. So I decided to build 2 of them. Each one took 10.5 8 foot 2×4’s. I simply milled the 2×4’s to 1×4 and 2×2 stock as needed. First I cut all the pieces and drilled all the pocket holes for the frames. Then I assembled the frames upside down. For the seat boards, I centered the middle one and screwed it down, then cut some spacer blocks to space out all the other boards from center. I did the same on the balusters except i just used the width of a 2×4 to space them out from center. On the seat back boards, I cut all the angles on the miter saw and I put pocket holes in the lower rear. I used deck screws to toe nail the upper section of the seat back boards to the frame. I used wood glue on all of the connections, and the balusters are just pressure fit and glued in place. Some cushions and paint and we’ll be lounging. Thanks to HowToSpecialist for the great plans!

By Brad



Difficulty Level: Simple

Estimated Cost: Unspecified

Time required: One Weekend

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