DIY 2×4 Work Table

I strongly encourage you to send photos with your projects built using my plans. Please send the materials at [email protected] or using the contact form. Any submission is highly appreciated by me and by the rest of the readers. In addition, your projects will be seen all around the world, so you can point out your skills. Don’t forget to mention the cost of the materials, the total time of the project as well as a few impressions about the build. 






I pretty much followed your plans but I made it a little taller and a little deeper.  I also added a 2nd 2×4 to make the legs bigger thinking I might add some casters to them later.  I completed the project with scrap lumber I just had sitting around.  Considering how warped and twisty some of the 2x4s were, it came out remarkably well.

By Clifton Bauer



Difficulty Level: Simple

Estimated Cost: 0 $

Time required: One Day

From Plans:



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