Outdoor kitchen kits

Why buying outdoor kitchen kits?

Outdoor kitchens are a great addition to any home, as they will freshen-up the look of your backyard and add value to your property. The outdoor kitchens are usually used to cook barbeque and bake homemade pizza, and make your weekends spent with your family more enjoyable. Generally speaking, the outdoor kitchen kits come in many shapes and designs, therefore you should choose the one that fits your needs and tastes.

Prefab outdoor kitchen kits

Building an outdoor kitchen in your backyard can be done in several ways: buying a modular kit, hiring a qualified team of builders specialized in this field or do the job by yourself. Each of these options is viable, but you have to decide according to your available time and budget. Therefore, if you are a busy person but you still want to keep the expenditures under control, the best choice is to buy prefab outdoor kitchen kits and to assemble it yourself.

In most of the cases, the kit comes with detailed instructions and with the tools needed to make the final assembly. The procedures are straight-forward, so that you could install the outdoor kitchen kit by yourself, or with the help of a friend, in case some parts have to be hold into position while driving in the bolts. If you don’t have the time, although the assembly should take no more than an afternoon, or you don’t have the required skills, you could hire a local contractor, with good references from your friends.

Modular Outdoor Kitchen Kits

The most convenient way to build an outdoor kitchen in your backyard is to buy a modular kit, that come with the major parts pre-assembled, so that you only need several basic skills to assemble it like a pro. The modular outdoor kitchen kits have the holes pre-drilled, the mortars pre-mixed and all the parts should fit together easily. These modular kits can be customized according to your needs, therefore you can adjust the dimension, style and accessories of the outdoor kitchen. Therefore, you can choose the materials for the base (metal studs and drywall, stone, concrete blocks, bricks), its size and the equipment (gas barbeque grills, outdoor cabinets, smoker).

Moreover, the modular outdoor kitchen kits can take any shape, starting with a simple linear layout up to complex outdoor kitchens with an L-shaped style or outdoor kitchen islands. Irrespective of your tastes, needs and budget, you can design it easily as to fit perfectly in your backyard. From our experience, we also recommend you to consider adding a large patio next to the outdoor kitchen, to have enough space for setting a table with several chairs. In this manner, you will be able to invite your friends to come over and see your diy project and eat together a great homemade barbeque cooked.

Are Outdoor Kitchen Kits Affordable?

According to the outdoor kitchen kit that you buy, the prices will vary from 500 dollars up to 5000 dollars. Nevertheless, taking into account the materials, the durability and equipment included in these kits, the products are very affordable. In addition, these prefab outdoor kitchen kits are easy to assemble, therefore it will take just a day to install them in a professional manner. The convenientcy, the beautiful designs and the durability of the kits make them an ideal choice for families that would like to make their weekends more enjoyable and spend more time in the garden.

Does the Installation of Outdoor Kitchen Kits Require a Qualified Professional?

The instructions that come with the outdoor kitchen kits are detailed and easy to understand, therefore you can assemble them in just an afternoon. If you haven’t worked before with concrete, bricks and metal studs, you should ask a skilled friend to  assist you. Having another person involved in the project will ease the procedures and make time pass more easily. Taking into account that the holes are pre-drilled, the bricks already cut to fit together perfectly and you need common household tools, the project should be easy even for an amateur handyman.

Nevertheless, if you don’t want to get your hands dirty or you don’t have time for this project, you should hire someone to do the job for you. You should find someone with great experience in the field, with good references from persons you know.

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