Gazebo designs

This article is about gazebo designs and ideas. A gazebo is the perfect choice for your needs if you have a large garden and you love to spend the evenings and weekends together with your family. Taking into consideration there are many options to choose from, starting with basic constructions up to gazebos with spa, barbeque or deck, you have to match your needs, tastes and budget to your final decision. Nevertheless, you should remember that each extra-feature will increase the cost of your project,  therefore you have to decide which one will bring the most benefits.

On the market, there are many gazebo designs options, therefore it is a challenge to select the one that fits your needs perfectly. Generally speaking, you can find eight-sided gazebos, square or rectangular constructions, that come in many shapes and sizes. Moreover, you can customize your own gazebo, by choosing the railing and frieze designs that fits your requirements best. Last but not least, you should plan your gazebo even further, by choosing a traditional or a modern design. From our experience, we recommend you to study attentively the design of your house and try to inspire from its unique lines and colors.

A gazebo is more than a wooden construction placed in your garden, it should be the central focus of your backyard. Therefore, you should consider from the very beginning if you want to add a deck, a spa or a barbeque from the very beginning, or in the near future. Irrespective of your choice, we recommend you to build a large patio near the wooden gazebo, as to have enough space to set a table and several chairs. Nevertheless, if the gazebo is large enough, you can easily take dinner with your family there.



Gazebo designs

Basic gazebo designs

Basic gazebo


If you have a tight budget or if you like to keep things simple, you could build a basic square gazebo, as in the image. As you can notice, a simple gazebo is easy to build, as it doesn’t have railings. All you have to do is  build the frame of the gazebo and install its roof.

Smart Tip: A basic gazebo might not have an exquisite look nor unique features, but it is highly functional and comes at a great price.


Square gazebo plans

Square gazebo plans


Another alternative for a square gazebo is the design shown above. Make sure you check out the full project here.


Rectangular gazebo designs

Rectangular gazebo


The next option is a rectangular gazebo with a functional design. Generally speaking, rectangular gazebos are great if you want to set a table and several chairs and take dinner with your friends, or you have a large family.

These constructions are large enough to host decently many people, therefore you should take it into consideration, if you like to spend your time together with your family and friends.


Diy gazebo plans

Diy gazebo plans



Build this rectangular gazebo in just a few weekends, if you want to create a large shaded area in your backyard. See the step by step plans here.


How to build a gazebo roof

How to build a gazebo roof


An alternative to the previous design would be to to make the roof more complex. If you have the right woodworking skills and a bigger budget, follow these gazebo plans.


Gazebo plans designs

Octagonal Gazebo Designs


An eight sided gazebo is a more complex structure, but it has a nice look and you can easily impress your family and friends with this project. Building an octagonal gazebo is a good start to a great landscaping design, therefore you should consider building one in your backyard.

Smart Tip: Even if it might look complicated, you can build a gazebo, if you use the right plans and master the basic woodworking techniques.


Outdoor gazebo designs

Square gazebo


If you look for something similar but easier to build in a diy project, then a square gazebo is the right choice for your needs. While it is highly versatile and functional, a square gazebo is as beautiful as an octagonal construction, but cheaper and quicker to build.

As you can see in the image, you can use asphalt shingles, metal sheets or wooden boards to cover the roof of the gazebo.


Octagonal gazebo designs

Complex Octagonal Gazebo


If you would like to build something unique and money are not a problem, you should take into account building a eight sided gazebo with a complex roof. As you can see in the image, the roof of the gazebo has an unmatched design, but it is more difficult to build.

If you use the right plans or hire a contractor specialized in this field, the construction process should go smoothly.


Gazebo designs

Gazebo with Exquisite Design


If the previous project doesn’t satisfy your tastes and needs, you should consider building a gazebo with a double roof. As you can see in the image, a double roof makes any gazebo stand out, but it comes at a higher cost due to its complexity.

Smart Tip: After you choose the right gazebo designs for your needs, you should buy all the materials and parts required to build the construction.


Gazebo Pavilion

Gazebo Pavilion


On the other hand, if you need a large gazebo with a classic look, the best way to get the job done is choose a pavilion design. As you should notice in the image, you should place the rectangular pavilion on a large slab. Install the large round posts on brick supports.

Smart Tip: The combination between wooden components and bricks looks amazing, but you can select the materials, according to your needs.



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