How to tile around window

This article is about how to tile around window. Tiling around a window is a technique that you have to learn thoroughly, before installing kitchen or bathroom tiles. From our experience, we can assert that tiling around windows is maybe the most difficult operation when installing tile in a kitchen or in a bathroom, therefore we have decided to write am article, as to share our expertise with our readers. The most important aspect is that we always prefer using plastic or metal tile corner trims, as to hide the edges and to get a neat look (the corners will be round and it’s easier to make them plumb). Nonetheless, you can still tile around a window using traditional techniques, meaning that you just install the tiles in a corner, without using a plastic trim (it would take longer to get the same neat look).

Tiling around a window is an easy task if you use a plastic tile corner trim. In addition, the tile edging is not expensive, it is easy to use and most importantly it will change dramatically the look of your bathroom or kitchen. In order to cut it to the needed length, you have to use a cutter or a miter saw. In addition, if you have to install the plastic trim around a right angled corner, you have to cut each piece at 45º, by using a cutter or a miter saw.

In order to tile around a window, you have to spread thin-set on the wall, by using a notched trowel. Then measure around the window, as to cut the tiles (with a score and snap cutter or a wet saw) to fit into location. When installing the tiles around windows, make sure you first secure the tile corner trim in thinset. Leave the tiles to dry out for at least two days and then apply the colored grout by using a grout float. Use a sponge and a bucket with water to clean the grout off the tiles, to obtain a professional look. See more tile projects HERE.


Made from this plan



In order to tile around a window, you need the following:



  • Thin set mortar / premixed mastic
  • Tiles, tile corner trim
  • Tile spacers





  • Use tile plastic corner trim



  • 2 Hours



How to tile around window

Tiling around window

First of all, you have to prepare the surface, by removing the bumps and other irregularities. Use a large scraper and level the wall surface or apply an even coat of cement plaster.

Smart tip: In the case of drywall, make sure they are resistant to moisture otherwise they will be damaged by the air humidity. Check attentively the surface of the drywall, as to ensure the joints between the boards are covered with tape and plaster.


Spreading thinset around window

Next, you have to prepare thinset in a clean bucket. Fill 1/3 of the bucket with water and then pour the thinset powder, leaving it to soak moisture for 5 minutes. Afterwards, mix the adhesive by using a drill with a mixing paddle or a margin trowel. If the thinset doesn’t slip off the trowel, it has the right consistency.

Spread an even layer of thinset on the wall, by holding the trowel at 45º. Comb the adhesive several times, until the coat is perfectly level.

How to tile around window

Next, you have to install the tiles around the window. In order to secure them properly, you have to use a mallet and hit the tiles gently, until the tiles are on the right position. Use a spirit level to make sure the wall tiles are plumb.

Smart tip: In our case the layout of the window is proper, as it allows us to install tiles around it (they have to be wider than 2”), but there are cases in which you have to center it, by starting the wall with a cut tile.


Tile plastic corner trim

In order to obtain a nice look and to get the job done quicker, we recommend you to use plastic tile corner trims. These plastic trims are extremely useful and come at good price. In addition, you can choose from many designs and colors, as to fit them with your bathroom or kitchen tiles. The corner trims add style to any room.

Smart tip: We recommend you to make sure the tile fits inside the channel of the trim, before purchasing the plastic corner trims.


Installing tile corner trim around window

Install the corner trim in place, making sure it is perfectly plumb and level, by using a spirit level. Work with patience and with great care as to ensure you cut the tiles at a proper dimension.

Install spacers between the tiles, as to keep them evenly spaced. At 90º corners, you have to cut the two pieces of plastic trim at 45º, by using a cutter or a miter saw.

How to tile around window

After you install the tiles and the plastic trim, you should wait for several days until the thinset has dried out. Afterwards, prepare colored grout in a small bucket and apply it around the window, by using a grout float.

Clean the surface with a wet sponge and them wipe the surface with a dry cloth. If you have followed our steps, you should get a nice tiled window.



Tiling around windows

How to tile around windows

In this image, you can see another bathroom window with a different design. Therefore, we will show you how to tile around it, by using the same techniques. The first step is to prepare the surface, by leveling the wall and removing the bumps or other residues.

Install tiles around the window, by spreading an even coat of thinset with a comb trowel. Afterwards, install the bathroom tiles and place spacers between them, as shown in the image.

Tilling round windows

Secure the tile edging into thinset and use a large level to make sure it is plumb. Next you should fit the tiles on the wall inside the corner trim. Next, spread tile adhesive on the other side of the corner wall, by using a notched trowel. Afterwards, lay the tiles on the wall, one by one, making sure you align them with the corner trim. Work with patience and check if the tiles are lain properly.

If the top tile won’t stay into position, you could use a wooden support, until the adhesive dries out and it gets locked into position. Work with patience and use a spirit level, as to make sure the wall tiles are plumb.

Tile around window

Next, you have to install the tile corner trims, as to obtain a nice look and to get the job done quicker. You can tile around a window without installing corner trims, but the edges will be exposed and noticeable, therefore having an unattractive appearance.

Smart tip: Match the color of the corner trims with the bathroom tiles. The plastic tile trims come in such a large variety, that it is easy to find the ones to satisfy your needs.


How to tile window

As you can easily see, tiling around a window is not difficult if you use the right tools and materials. From our experience, we can say that you will get the best look by installing corner trims. Last but not least, make sure you center the window when making the tile layout, as to be able to install cut tiles (wider than 2”) round it.



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