How to install PVC door

This article is about how to install a PVC door. In this project we show you how to install a double glazing front door, as to help you save some money and get the satisfaction of doing a proper job. Fitting a PVC front door has many advantages as compared to traditional metal or wooden doors, such as a longer lifetime, better insulation and multiple customization possibilities. In this step by step diy guide, we show you how to install a PVC front door by yourself,  in less than an hour, to a new construction. In addition we highlight the tools and materials you need for the job, so make sure you read the list carefully from top to bottom.

First of all, before ordering the double glazing door, you have to make sure you choose a high quality supplier. Consequently, you have to check if you will receive at least 10 years guarantee, if you get all necessary materials to install the door professionally and if they offer you free shipping to your home. In addition, you have to verify attentively the technical features of the PVC and make a comparison between more manufacturers.

PVC doors come in a large variety of designs, colors, textures and forms, therefore you have to study the offer and make the best choice according to your budget and tastes. A front door must match the color and design of your house, so research beyond the price of the PVC door. If you will install it by yourself, you will save a great deal of money, so it would be wise to invest in high quality products.

Before installing the PVC front door, you have to remove the old door. Next, you have to use a tape measurement to check the space in the door opening (the height and width). From this dimensions, you have to subtract around 1” / 2.5 cm, as to make sure it will fit in the door opening.

Keep in mind that you have to comply with several government regulations related to gas or fire escapes. After you have finished installing the PVC door, you have to get a certificate of compliance from your local council, which will state that your project observes the building regulations.


Made from this plan



In order to install a PVC door, you need the following:


  • PVC door
  • Door sealant
  • Long screws (6-8” / 15-20 cm)
  • Polyurethane foam
  • Paper tape



  • Safety gloves, glasses
  • Measuring tape, carpentry pencil, l-square
  • Stud finder (if your house has wooden walls)
  • Drill machinery and drill bits
  • Chisel, Spirit level, Vacuum cleaner
  • Allen key bolts



  • Use a vacuum to remove the residues after drilling the holes in the wall
  • Don’t tight the screws too much, as you risk damaging the door or bend the frame



  • Two hours



How to install PVC door frame

Drilling in PVC door frame

Drilling in PVC door frame


First of all you have to install the PVC door cill, therefore you need a spirit level and a drill machinery. In order to fasten the door frame, you have to insert several long screws (at least 6” / 15 cm) in the brickwork. Consequently, use a good drill machinery with torques control and hammering function to make several holes in the PVC door frame. When installing the door frame, you have to make sure it is plumb, consequently you should use a spirit level. Next, you have to insert the long screws in the holes by using an electric screwdriver.


Using polyurethane foam around the PVC frame

Using polyurethane foam around the PVC frame


If you install the PVC door frame in a new house, you have to leave a little space around it (1/2 around all sides) as to be able to apply plaster on the brick walls. If you replace an old door, you have to use the measurements as close as possible with the door opening. Consequently, use the tape measurement and order the door by subtracting only 1/2” from your dimensions.

After you have locked the frame into position, by driving in a few screws (at least 3 on each side of the frame and 2 in the top and bottom of the door cill) at least 6” from the corner weld, you have to use a sealant around the frame. If the gap between the door frame and the walls is larger than 1/2” or 1 cm, you should apply polyurethane foam. If the space is less than 1/2”, it means you could use a regular sealant to get the job done (choose a waterproof sealant, which can be painted). When applying the foam or the sealant, you should start from one corner and apply continuously a beam, until you reach the opposite corner of the frame. If your PVC door frame is not covered with protective tape, you should apply paper tape, otherwise it will get dirty.


Insulating PVC door frame with foam

Insulating PVC door frame with foam


Work with patience to get the job done as a professional. Installing a PVC door is not a complex project, provided you use the right tools and materials, so you have to prepare before starting the job.

It is important to check the alignment of the frame from time to time, as to see if the screws have moved it from position. Consequently, use a spirit level, as see if the frame is plumb. In addition you should measure the width of the PVC door frame at bottom, middle and at top. If the dimensions are equal it means that you can install the door panel, if not you have to loose or tighten the screws until the frame is installed properly.

Continue applying foam or sealant around the PVC door frame, and then wait for 15 to 30 minutes until it dries out. Meanwhile, you have to fit  the locking barrel and handles to the door, if they don’t come assembled.



How to install PVC door

Installing pvc door frame

Installing pvc door frame


Next, you have to install the PVC door panel to the frame, according to the locking system. The locking system varies according to the manufacturer, so you have to read carefully the instructions, as to make a professional job.

In most of the cases, the door panel connects to the frame with a couple of hinges, but you have to pay attention to the instructions. Work with patience and with great care, as you are just one step from finishing installing your brand new PVC door.

If the PVC door comes assembled with your double glazed windows, you only have to remove the plastic tape from the frame and door and clean it thoroughly. In addition, you have to use allen key bolts on the hinges to adjust the door for lateral movement. In order to adjust the compression you should use the allen key bolts on the door keep.


Glass pannels for PVC door

Glass panels for PVC door


As we have already said, if the door doesn’t come with the double glazing installed, you have to fit them by yourself. Consequently, you have to install them into position and lock them with the plastic trims (they should come together with the door).

In order to avoid scratching the windows, you should place them on a wooden block or on cardboard. In addition, you should use a cardboard between the glasses and the wall, if you lean them against it.


Pvc door hinges

Pvc door hinges


After you have installed the PVC door and the glass, you have to adjust it, as to close properly. Therefore, you can tune the door by using a screwdriver and adjust the hinges, till the door shuts properly.

In addition, there is another location where you can adjust the front door, by using an allen key. This place is located under the hinge placed on the door frame. It is hard to explain how to tune it, but we recommend you to adjust the hinges slightly, as to understand what it does. If things went worse, then you have to rotate the key the other way around.


Pvc front door

Pvc front door


After you have adjusted the PVC door you have to clean it with a wet cloth, as to give it a shiny look. In addition, remove the protective tape from the PVC door frame and clean it thoroughly.

Use a level to make sure the hard work has paid off and check if the door is plumb. If you have followed our guidelines, then you should find it easy to fit a PVC front door.

Last but not least, you should know that you have to adjust the PVC door from time to time (about every 3 months), as it might move slightly from the ideal position. Therefore, we recommend you to keep the keys, as to use them when necessary.



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