How to fix scratches on laminate flooring

This article is about how to fix scratches on laminate flooring. Laminate flooring is resistant to wear and easy to maintain but even in these conditions minor scratches might occur from time to time. Either you have moved furniture on the laminate floor without using rug pads or you have dropped a heavy object, you can repair the scratches easily if you read our step by step guide and follow our tips. Nevertheless, if the scratches are too deep the only solution might be to replace the damaged laminate flooring planks.

If you want to prevent laminate flooring scratches, you have to install rug pads to the furniture legs, when moving them inside your house. In addition, make sure the shoes are perfectly clean before walking through the rooms, as the dirt particles can create many unattractive scratches. Clean the laminate flooring regularly, using only products recommended by the manufacturer.

Before purchasing the laminate flooring repair kit, you have to make sure you are able to fix the scratches by using these products. Assess thoroughly the damaged area, as to make sure the repair is possible, otherwise take in consideration replacing the planks with new ones. The easiest fix for laminate flooring scratches is to use wax crayons (for minor scratches) or floor putty (for deeper scratches). See more step by step laminate flooring projects HERE.


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In order to fix scratches on laminate flooring, you need the following:






  • Make sure the repair kit matches the color of your laminate flooring
  • If the scratches are too deep, you have to replace the damage laminate planks




  • 15 minutes to repair a few scratches





How to fix scratches on laminate flooring: Wax Crayons

Laminate flooring scratching

Step 1: Buy the wax crayon whose color is similar to your laminate flooring. On the market (your local home improvement store or diy web sites) there are many types of wax crayons, therefore you should find easily the one to fit your needs and tastes.

Step 2: Use the pencil to fix the minor scratches. Clean the scratches with a vacuum and color them with the wax crayon. Next, use a dry cloth to remove the wax around the scratch. Nevertheless, if you aren’t satisfied with the result (the scratch is deep), you could try to fill it with floor putty.



How to fix scratches on laminate flooring: floor putty

Laminate flooring spacers

Step 1: Take a piece of your laminate flooring and go to your local diy store to buy a repair kit that matches its color. Choose the best kit that you can afford, especially if the scratch is deep.

Step 2: Use a putty knife to fill the scratches on laminate flooring with the paste. We recommend you to practice on a spare laminate board, before trying on the actual flooring, to make sure the paste matches the color of the planks. Clean the excess compound with a clean cloth and leave the area for a couple of hours to dry out.



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