Concrete deck plans

This article is about concrete deck plans. In this project we show you how to build a simple entrance deck, which will chance dramatically the look of your house. Consequently, pay attention to our deck ideas and tips and dare to put into practice a project which will add value to your house. As you can notice, in this article we talk about concrete deck plans, including some standard dimensions, which are used in most of the cases. Nevertheless, you should be aware of the fact that you can adjust the concrete deck plans according to your needs and tastes. In addition, in this project we also show you several construction details on building railings for this beautiful entrance deck.

Building a concrete deck is not a very complex job, provided you use the right deck plans and design ideas. In addition, you could also build a wooden deck if you prefer building a light entrance deck, by using these dimensions or design tips.

Use pressure treated timber, designed for building decks and railings. This this type of wood is very resistant and has a nice finish, so you only have to cut it and secure it into place.

Building an entrance concrete deck will add value to your house, but it also has to be very functional. Consequently, pay attention to its dimensions, otherwise you won’t be able to fully benefit from its role. Make sure the stairs are wide enough to step on them, otherwise you will have to modify your project. Fortunately, you can find our recommendation in this this article about concrete deck plans.

The design of your entrance deck is essential for the success of a project, so pay attention when drawing your deck plans. Make sure it fits with the rest of your house and with your garden, as to obtain a perfect harmony. Choosing the best design and dimensions is hard, but a right choice will pay off on the long run.


Made from this plan



In order to build a simple entrance concrete deck, you need the following:



  • Concrete (for the entrance deck)
  • Post anchors lag screws
  • 4×4 posts
  • 2×3 timber for x-shaped balusters
  • 3×4 timber for the bottom rail and handrail
  • 6” wood screws
  • 2×4 decking
  • decking screws/nails





  • Use a laser level for accuracy



  • One week, two workers



Concrete deck plans

Concrete entrance deck

Concrete entrance deck


The first step of this project is to build the concrete entrance deck. Consequently, you have to dig a foundation, build a basic form for the concrete and install the reinforcing bar structure. In order to determine the right depth of the foundation and the quantity of the needed rebars, you have to talk to a qualified engineer.

Before starting the project, make sure you comply with the local requirements. Even if it’s not a house, you have to  obtain construction permits.


Concrete deck plans

Concrete deck plans


After you have poured the concrete entrance deck, you have two alternatives: installing wooden decking or tile/natural stone. Each option has its pros and cons, so eventually your needs and tastes will decide on the matter.

Installing 2×4 decking is not hard: you have to fasten wooden decking on sleepers ( every 10-15”). In addition, for a nice appearance hide the edges using 2×4 skirt-boards.



Concrete deck railing plans

Concrete deck railings

Concrete deck railings


Next, after you have installed the wooden decking, you have to install the stair railing and the nice x-shaped balusters. In order to get a proper fit with the rest of the house, we recommend you to use the dimensions you can notice in the image.

You can adjust them to your needs, but you have to pay attention before building the railing, as to make sure the deck will still look nice. The posts should be anchored to the concrete deck by using metal post hardware and several screws.


Concrete deck free plans

Concrete deck free plans


Next, you have to install the bottom rail and the balusters, by securing them with screws. Consequently, you have to use a good drilling machine and an electric screwdriver to insert the 6” wood screws.

In order to make the angled cuts, you have to use a good miter saw. If you don’t have one you should rent it, as wit a regular saw you cannot make good cuts.


Concrete deck railing

Concrete deck railing


After you have installed the handrail, you have to caulk the joints by using an waterproof paintable sealant. In addition, when driving in the screws in the handrail and posts, you have to countersink their heads, to be able to cover them with wood putty.

The last step is to paint the concrete deck railing, as to protect it against moisture and to give it a nice appearance.



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