I am excited that you have found my diy blog, out of so many home improvement sites. If you have already browsed through the pages of HowToSpecialist.com, you must have noticed that I like to write about various home improvement topics, starting with drywall repairs up to outdoor building plans. All my plans are illustrated with images and come with a list of the materials needed for the job. I like to take pride that my plans and tutorials are as detailed as they can get.

I try to come up with a new project every week, usually on Sunday, so make sure you come back regularly to check out my latest ideas. I mainly work with wood, but you shouldn’t be too surprised if you see some concrete or masonry projects, as well. I am on a continuous race for self improvement, so I like to experiment with new techniques and materials. I have many ideas for the future so stay tuned for more projects to come! I currently don’t have a workshop, so I am not able to post how-to tutorials every single week, but I try to make up for that by posting free plans. However, I am working on that and I hope to come up with good news soon!!


Who I am – My story


My name is Jack Sander and I am a diy enthusiast and woodworking addict. My other passions are traveling and classic literature. Have I told you how much I love Dostoevsky and Turgenev? I am also a self taught guitar player. And YES, that’s me in the photo, if you were wondering….

I have a master in business administration and I strongly believe that we are all born entrepreneurs, but we should just take a leap of faith and believe in our talents! UPDATE!! I have finally got my phd diploma in business administration, after successfully defending my thesis on 10 October 2016. But enough with bragging about my studies. Let’s go back to the core of what HowToSpecialist is really about.

I have always loved tools and sawdust, my inspiration being my grandfather whom I owe my passion for building things. When I was a kid and later on during high school, I spent my summer vacations working of various wood projects. I remember building a white picket fence for my grandmother and how proud I was, although it was far from perfect.

Other than building wood projects I learnt how to tile and how to do various drywall jobs. I picked up these skills from an uncle who is a home remodeler. I am not a professional but I know enough to do medium projects on my own without feeling it’s out of my league. I am self confident that I can design and build almost anything, so I have big plans for the future, including building that go kart I wished I had as a kid. I even bought the engine when I was 14, but that’s another story… Currently, I am saving money to build my house that will have a workshop, so I can finally have the right space for unleashing my creativity and build more things. Nothing great comes without sacrifice, so I really enjoy this journey, although sometimes I want time to go faster so I can have my workshop.

I set up this blog in 2011 and since then I documented hundreds of projects and plans. It all started with this pizza oven, that I built on my grandma’s countryside property. I saw a similar project in a magazine and I felt that I should make one, as well, and I invested all my college savings into materials. For no particular reason I documented the whole process with pictures and a few years later I decided to make a blog, so I can share my experience. I remember feeling so accomplished when I first fired the brick oven, as against all odds I got the job done. It “only” took me 3 months to build the outdoor kitchen… Haha… Some might say wasted time, I say invested time… That was the trigger that kept the ball rolling and rolling…

Now, I get more than 3000 4000 5000 visitors each day and the community is growing steadily. I put passion in all the articles featured on this site and I am trying to come up with the best designs and easiest techniques, before publishing them. Throughout the years I have learnt and gained much knowledge in home improvement field, that I enjoy sharing with my readers. If you like my plans and built something, I would be more than honored to see your work, so don’t hesitate to send a few images.


Is money what I am for?

This blog is sustained entirely by advertisement. One of my commitments is to keep all the plans and projects free, as the main goal is to help you save money. I like what I do and I am not trying to get rich through this site. That’s why the access to my plans is free 24/7 and you don’t have to subscribe to any suspicious newsletter for that. This blog makes enough to pay the rent (hosting) and to make some tool upgrades, so I have other projects that support my family and my hobbies. If you want to keep up with my work, I would appreciate if you join the blog feed and LIKE my page on Facebook and Google +. I also post frequently to Pinterest, Instagram and Youtube, so you should definitely take a look over my channels and follow me.


What are the values I believe in?


I consider that safety comes on the first place when dealing with construction projects, so that is why the methods I use in this site have been reviewed for safety. Nevertheless, if you decide to start a diy project, you do it on your own risk. Always use your common sense and be safe. Please read the safety page on the site before getting the job started. Please note, that I do not assume responsibility for any loss, damage or injury arising from the use of information on this website.


In order to become successful, working in an environment of mutual respect and free of discrimination is essential. I assure you that I act according to my values in any relation to all the associates.

Hard Work

I really think that hard work can enhance the character. Consequently, I am on a continuous process of trying to push my limits, as to be more reliable, having more initiative, or pursuing new skills. I also consider that passion and hard work are interdependent and all I do is based on my beliefs. I have my moments when I am so caught up in the game, that all I wish and dream about is to outwork everyone. I still strive to find a work – personal life balance and hopefully, some day, I will master it.

Insulating the pizza oven

Drill machine clamps bedframe joint corner



What is the mission of HowToSpecialist.com?

This site is one of the best things that have ever happened to me, as it is a simple way to share my ideas and vision with my readers. Every time I press the PUBLISH button and send a new project into your homes, I feel extremely blessed and humble for having this opportunity. With the unprecedented evolution of technology, it has become much easier for me to share my core values with persons separated from me by distance.

My main goal is to help and to become the vector which motivates individuals to continually improve their homes. I launched HowToSpecialist.com having in mind the needs of a large mass of heterogeneous individuals who seeks ways, ideas and inspiration to make their home a cozier and more dear place to live in. I will work hard and try my best to fulfill your need to be informed and up to date will latest trends, methods and projects on home improvement.


Free carport plans

Building a pizza oven shelter

How to build food storage shelves



What is my vision?

At HowToSpecialist.com my vision is to help you create a better home for your family, while saving money and having the satisfaction of building something from scratch, all by yourself. Consequently, the site offers a wide range of articles covering the home improvement field, starting with tips and general information, up to step-by-step detailed guides, in which I show the needed methods and techniques. All the projects are print-friendly so you can follow the instructions at the construction site. In addition, the projects feature images submitted by readers with their completed builds. My focus is less on my personal life and more on the actual projects.

I love to answer to your questions and to receive a constant feedback from my readers. Therefore, I really encourage everyone to send me pictures with your projects and to share your diy experience with the rest of the community.  Also, I am looking forward to seeing your project suggestions. You can contact me anytime at [email protected] I will not able to fulfill all the requests, as I am the only person behind this blog, but if I can, I will help.


My other online projects!

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Yours sincerely,

Jack Sander